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Wake up refreshed with our potent Sleep and Recovery supplement.

Melatonin, chamomile, and B-6 aid in restful sleep and deep rest

Lose fat faster and wake up before your alarm with this advanced recovery aid.

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Praise for Complete Restore

Once I hit 35 I had trouble falling asleep or I would wake up around 3 and not be able to fall back asleep. Complete Restore has completely reversed that.

Morgan L - Verified Customer

1000+ Happy Customers

Enhanced Recovery. Deeper Sleep. More Energy and Fat Loss

Herbal Sleep Blend for More Restorative Sleep

Melatonin to Fall Asleep Faster

Improve HRV, Deep Sleep & REM

Wake up Feeling Rested and Energized

Proper Use of This Supplement


If you need deeper sleep and better recovery at night. If your sleep schedule has changed and you need to guarantee deep rest, or if you're leveling up your sleep habit.


Take 15 minutes or less before go to sleep. For best results sleep in a cool, dark room.


2 Capsules is one Dose of Complete Restore

what to expect

If you're using a sleep tracker you'll notice more deep and REM sleep. These correlate to better recovery and more fat burn at night

better sleep means better energy

Sleep All Night

Increase REM and Deep Sleep

Improve Metabolism

Better Memory

Optimized Energy

Calm Focus

Brain Anti Aging

Improved Vision

Better Memory

Optimized Energy

Calm Focus

Brain Anti Aging

Improved Vision

Formula Purposes & Benefits

Complete Restore: Delivering the Benefits of a Full Night of Sleep

Promotes Complete Sleep Cycles

Wake Up with More Energy and Motivation

Increase Fat Loss While Sleeping

Improves Memory and Slows Aging

Decreases Cortisol and Belly Fat


What Our Customers Say

Free US Shipping For $95+ Orders

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Sleep is Critical to Getting Leaner and Living Longer.

Formula Ingredient Deck

Free US Shipping For $95+ Orders

Thousands Of Happy Customers

Free US Shipping For $95+ Orders

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Should I take this every night?

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When Should I take Complete Restore?

Customer Reviews

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Nate Palmer
So great for sleep

very helpful with getting to sleep, staying asleep and improving my deep sleep!