PM Walks: Keys to Getting Leaner

PM Walks: Keys to Getting Leaner

Whether you're trying to get under 10% body fat, or you need to drop 50 pounds this strategy is awesome.

It also works for building family time, improving health markers, increasing longevity....

One thing that has rapidly improved fat loss and allowed me to wake up leaner is the after dinner walk.

This simple tool is one that I have used a lot over the past few years for myself and for clients.

It's nice because typically on the Million Dollar Body program we're eating dinner as our biggest meal

Which is great because that's when we're sitting down with friends and family

talking about the day


the important stuff.

But it can also cause a larger blood sugar spike.

This isn't terrible as it leads to drowsiness which helps you fall asleep faster

but you can actually negate 30-40% of that insulin and blood sugar rising by doing as little as a 10 minute walk.

And lets face it

The time after dinner can be a bit unproductive and screen heavy.

This gets you out of the house, moving around, improving digestion and metabolism

Plus you can do it with your family or listen to a podcast or audio book if you go by yourself.

It's just a nice way to unwind

Walking is also one of the best ways to lose fat while also getting some recovery time in.

It's seriously magic

For me what works best is

  • Protein shake with 2 scoops of THE WHEY and 2 Tbsp of peanut butter for breakfast
  • Leftover protein from dinner with some veggies or an apple for lunch
  • A bigger dinner with 10-20oz of meat, 8-12oz of carbs, and a veggie for dinner
  • One workout or training session during the day
  • One 30-60 min walk at night

You literally can't gain weight using this protocol. It's almost impossible.

 For me, one of the bad habits I deal with is grazing after dinner

Usually I want something sweet

Often it's cottage cheese and fruit

But sometimes I go for the snacky foods

The PM walk cuts that negative pattern.

If someone came to me to get lean in the next 30 days the simplest thing I would tell them to do is...

"Follow the Million Dollar Body nutrition framework, but then walk for 60 minutes after dinner each night. Get a bunch of steps in before relaxing for the evening."

You can also split this up and do 30 minutes in the AM and 30 in the PM.

This allows you to adhere to the diet more and minimize the risk of overeating and snacking at night.

Plus you wake up feeling leaner, which makes it easy to build momentum.

I like the morning for my harder workouts.

One major thing that helps me get a good workout without killing muscle is FastAid

FastAid sets you up for having energy and focus during the AM

The fasted workout helps burn fat and sets the tone for the day

It really helps me with the deficit.

So every week I'm a little bit leaner no matter what. 

Getting the night walk in will simply tip the scales in your favor when it comes to fat loss

And it can also be an extra little push that gets fat burn happening if you get stuck

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